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On June 26, 1969, after only 32 days in Vietnam, U.S. Army PFC Dennis Joyner lost his left arm and both of his legs in an explosion.

First Sergeant Daila Espeut-Jones U.S. Army Retired, talks about why the military is important to her life.

World War II veteran J.P. Ledet talks about his experience when the Atomic bomb was dropped.  

TSgt Mark Lundstrom – U.S. Air Force Retired, tells his stories of service while serving at the Pentagon during September 11.

Steve Piscitelli, a sculptor from Central Florida, uses his experiences from the Vietnam War as inspiration to create his art. He found that his art also helps him heal emotionally from the images he saw in combat.

Meet Major Julie Moore and Air Force Fighter Pilot who flies fighter jets, just like her dad.

Hear from Tom Kosiorek, who served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War in 1964 and 1965.

Lester Hollenback who served in World War II and is a blacksmith and wheel-write whose contributions to Central Florida’s history is more than just horseshoes and wheels.

Ramon Rivera shares his stories of his service during the Vietnam War.

John Santoriello shares his stories of his service during the Vietnam War.